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  • Waiting


    This couple was sitting on this large cross high on a Mesa in Sedona Arizona, waiting for sunset. I took this shot once the electric sign came on at dusk.

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  • Quiet Carnival

    Quiet Carnival

    I have been traveling around the East Coast this past summer taking my camera with me wherever I go. Over the course of this trip I have realized that I can find beautiful instances in the largest and most striking cities just as much as I can find beauty in a carnival at a church parking lot.

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  • Mother & Daughter

    Mother & Daughter

    Stay home, cuddle…Spend quality time, it doesn’t last long.

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  • The Fabricated side of L.A

    The Fabricated side of L.A

    this photo was taken by spinning the camera while the shutter was open, which gave this image a most surreal feel, much like that of the film industry.

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  • Insecure Beauty

    Insecure Beauty

    Insecurity has run rampant in this girl’s life. Trauma and challenges have taken their toll on her self esteem. The camera has helped her see her inner and outer beauty.

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