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  • Praising God

    Praising God

    As I walk through the path on each side there is something that’s telling me I’m not going to be nobody and there is something telling me that I won’t make it. But through all that is being said to me as I walk through the path I always kept my head high and looking up towards the sky as God guides me through the path. We all go through our trials and tribulations but if you have Faith and believe you can walk through that path and know that God will guide you to the other side.

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  • Sunset


    Riding bikes along a trail by the river is very sight seeing, especially with this opportunity!

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  • Deep Thoughts

    Deep Thoughts

    I say to myself will I ever Love again and be forgiving for sins knowing I treated her wrong from beginning til the end lying and cheating but calling myself a man so I say to myself will I ever love again and be forgiving for my sins. Deep Thoughts

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  • New beginning

    New beginning

    Sometimes while thinking of what one has done wrong the best thing you can do is forgive yourself and let all of your doubts go.

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  • Midnight Lightning Storm

    Midnight Lightning Storm

    The adrenaline that is running through your body in the middle of a lightning storm when all you want is that one perfect picture is completely indescribable and unmatchable.

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