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  • The Fabricated side of L.A

    The Fabricated side of L.A

    this photo was taken by spinning the camera while the shutter was open, which gave this image a most surreal feel, much like that of the film industry.

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  • Insecure Beauty

    Insecure Beauty

    Insecurity has run rampant in this girl’s life. Trauma and challenges have taken their toll on her self esteem. The camera has helped her see her inner and outer beauty.

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  • Eye on Society

    Eye on Society

    This macro image of my eye was cropped, sharpened, color enhanced, comic filtered, and a few other tricks to make this look like a bionic or electronic eye out of the Matrix. The idea was though to give the people in the wold we live in today an insight of the advanced stages of technology today with electronic camera’s installed on traffic lights, and the feeling of everybody being watched and the lack of privacy the United States is encouraging with the use of spy cams, traffic cams, and artificial transplants.

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  • Lighting Strikes

    Lighting Strikes

    In a lightning storm, I stood outside for two hours determined to get picture of lightning. And eventually I did. Probably one of my proudest pictures. It really taught me that patience can pay off!

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  • red pumps

    red pumps

    Girl in a denim pants dress

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