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  • Lost in Thought

    Lost in Thought

    On my adventure in Ecuador, I couldn’t help but focus my attention on this little girl outside one of the markets. There were kids around her riding bikes and playing ball, but she just stood in the corner by herself. She looked sad and lost in thought, so I grabbed my camera and snapped this shot.

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  • beauty of nature

    beauty of nature

    Sometimes you just need to get in touch with all little bit of natures beauty to discover your own.

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  • Stafford UK

    Stafford UK

    Stafford is a English town in the United Kingdom and I enjoy walking around taking photos

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  • Infinite Queen

    Infinite Queen

    I dedicated this photo to my sister, Rachel (as pictured) and really wanted to capture how I see her on a daily basis. Even though she’s only 5 years younger than me (10) she’s really insecure, almost more than a teenager! But personally I like to think of her as a queen because no matter what she always knows how to conquer anything and everything that gets in her way…hence the title. :)

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  • fly high

    fly high

    I love clicking, I’m not a professional but i love clicking pics as it captures all of the beautiful moment in form of pics. This pic was taken when we were roaming around Sarkhej Roza, a historical place in Ahmedabad Gujarat India.

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