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  • And So It Begins

    And So It Begins

    The darkest and loneliest of souls can be described as a jagged brick; hard, cold, and without much use. But this brick is a vessel to life. Tend to your needs and give yourself time; you will see the beginnings of life. It all starts somewhere, let it start with you.

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  • Beach Fun

    Beach Fun

    I was having my own walk on the beach with my camera. I saw these little girls playing on the beach I thought it was so beautiful. Children are our innocence and I wonder what age you loose that? Some can keep that and some loose it. However in this pic I caught the purity if humanity unaware of my camera.

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  • Mystery Tree

    Mystery Tree

    My Husband and I were on a short vacation to Palm Springs a nice place but very hot. We went driving around and this tree caught my eye. Out of all the trees around it this looked so old and decrepit I had to take a photo. So in this tree I see my marriage of 10 yrs and growing full of wisdom .

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  • Spirit of Christmas

    Spirit of Christmas

    Although we are adults but we are kids in the depth of our souls. We expect christmas miracles like our children. We pationately wait and dream till the end of our life…

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  • Different worlds

    Different worlds

    Me and my boyfriend showing how different we are, but really how alike we are.

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