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  • Find Yourself For You

    Find Yourself For You

    In todays society many people are so unaware of how in control they are of their own life. We search for a way out of darkness and the rut of a regular lifestyle, and into the light of success and endless opportunities. Wanting all the right things but looking in all the wrong places. How can you ever find the real you if you’re looking in all the wrong places?…Step out of societies mindset, find your own.

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  • Women can survive

    Women can survive

    When challenged my nature, women can survive the elements.

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  • Home


    We stormed the beach and took it as our home for the night. Keeping warm with a driftwood fire dug into the sand. We stayed up all night and morning watching the stars and the sunrise.

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  • Birch


    I grew up on a farm in southern Manitoba. As a child I would spend most of my time roaming the woods surrounding our house. Getting lost with a pet dog or cat. Talking with God out loud, arguing with God out loud, questioning God’s existence out loud, questioning my own queerness out loud. Even in winter (when this photo was taken at my parents farm) I would wander through the snow and birch trees.

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  • Take Time

    Take Time

    This summer was an experiment of being alone more often. Spending time grounding myself and trying to understand who I am and the reasons why I am the person I am today. This meant aimlessly walking through parks with a journal or camera or music or simply just myself. I found someone doing the exact same thing picking stones from a stream.

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